Are you an Executor of an Estate?

Settling an estate, even a simple one is a very big responsibility. As an executor, your duty is to act in the best interest of the deceased. Handling affairs, whether they be local or long distance consumes an enormous amount of time.

Solution: Delegate duties to a professional.

As a Realtor, I can help you meet your obligation in a variety of ways. Through the course of business, I have reliable contacts to assist you in general maintenance and repair, liquidation of personal property, and property enhancement.

My experience in handling all types of real estate sales allows me to help you fulfil your final obligation with a sense of honor and pride. You will be able to live up to the trust that was bestowed upon you, without faltering under the weight of what needs to be done.

Out of the area?

If you are not living near the real estate that needs to be sold, do not worry. Much of the work we do these days is done long distance. It is not uncommon to never meet the seller of a property. We can manage the process over the telephone, fax, and email. If you need photos of the property, I can send you a comprehensive collection of the real estate along with the issues needing to be addressed. From this, we can compose a plan to sell the property "as is" or get bids to repair it. In any event, I, like you, have a fiduciary to act in your best interest. You can be assured I will treat that responsibility with the utmost respect. It’s my job.

Work With Jennifer on selling a home

Going thru the probate process can take a long time without the proper guidance and helpers. Call me and let's discuss how I can guide and help you on selling a home!

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